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Quick-Tune Dongle Q&A

Quick-Tune Dongle - Questions and Answers

Q1. Will the Quick-Tune Dongle work with my FT-817 and Linear Amplifier?
Yes if it is RF sensing, but if you currently use the TX GND pin on the ACC socket to control your amplifier this will no longer be available once the Quick-Tune Dongle is plugged in. You can construct a simple splitter to solve this problem, providing the RX D and TX D pins are not used by the amplifier.

Will the Quick-Tune Dongle work with non Yaesu microphones?
A2. Yes, providing the microphone has a press to talk (PTT) button that you can ‘double click’.

Q3. Will the Quick-Tune Dongle work with any other radios?
A3. No, the CAT command set and type of ACC jack socket is specific to the Yaesu FT-817, 857 & 897.

Q4. Why doesn't my Quick-Tune Dongle work?
A4. All Quick-Tune Dongles are tested before despatch, so it is unlikely to be faulty.
a) make sure there is nothing preventing your Dongle from being fully inserted into the radio's ACC jack socket e.g. the top cover of some FT-857's partially cover the ACC socket. Please contact HUK Electronics for advice if you encounter this problem.
b) make sure that your radio's CAT settings match those detailed in the instruction sheet under 'Installation'.
c) make sure that your Dongle has not been accidentally set to use a mode that does not generate a tuning carrier by following the information given in the instruction sheet under ‘Setting the Tuning Carrier Power’.
d) make sure that you are holding the second PTT click for the desired tuning duration by following the information given in the instruction sheet under 'Operation'.

Q5. Why has my Quick-Tune Dongle stopped working?
A5. The Quick-Tune Dongle has proven to be very rugged and reliable, so it is unlikely to have failed. The most likely cause is that your Dongle has become dislodged or your radio's settings have been accidentally changed. The guidance given in Q4/A4 should solve your problem.

Q6. My Quick-Tune Dongle works, but my other accessories don't. Could the Quick-Tune Dongle have caused my other accessories to be ‘locked out’ somehow?
A6. No. The most likely explanation is that your radio’s ACC jack socket has lost its +13.8V supply. Your other accessories are unlikely to work without this supply, but your Quick-Tune Dongle will.

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