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Welcome to HUK Electronics

I'm G4HUK, better know as Huk in amateur radio circles.

HUK Electronics was created in 2012 to market a small accessory I designed for Yaesu FT-817/857/897 radios.
This accessory will be of interest if you are tired of the multiple button presses your radio requires to generate a tuning carrier. Visit the Quick-Tune Dongle page for details.

Demand for a similar solution for other radios has been high, but due to the wide range of interfaces and software commands employed, no single simple solution appeared possible. I am currently working on such a solution, please visit the Quick-Tone Tile page for details.

I was bitten by the amateur radio bug whilst still in school and built my first transmitter in my early teens. The skills and knowledge I gained through amateur radio and experimentation shaped my professional career.

I am now semi-retired, having spent most of my career as a senior engineer in a state of art government radio communications research and testing facility.

My main amateur radio interests are low power, weak signal and stealth operations.

I am a pragmatist who investigates simple low cost ways of circumventing a problem, before designing complex expensive circuitry to solve it. This is not always possible, but it is surprising how often a little ingenuity can save a lot of hardware and/or software.

Although I write code I am not a programmer - it takes me far too long. The code I do write however, is fast and compact and will run on smaller (and lower power) processors than many professional programmers believe possible.

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